The Heritage

Secrets and intrigues

This is Lofoten Escape most difficult Escape Room (but not impossible). As Væreierens (the owner of the fishing village) heirs you are called in for a meeting in his office by the væreier’s lawyer. Væreieren has disappeared in some mysterious way, and people assume he is dead. The fortune shall be distributed, but it will probably not be as easy as you think. Væreieren was a secretive guy and has probably not let go of the control completely. .

Are you prepared to set aside internal conflicts and cooperate to earn your share of the fortune?

2 spillere/players

760 NOK
  • 380 pr. pers

3 spillere/players

1020 NOK
  • 340 pr. pers

4 spillere/players

1240 NOK
  • 310 pr. pers

5 spillere/players

1500 NOK
  • 300 pr. pers

Odin´s Eye

A precious item is stolen. You have received the deadly mission to return it to the chief. Prepare yourself for a battle! Read more...


The Heritage

Do you really deserve to inherit the fortune and take over the company? Prove it! Put intern contentions aside and work as a team. But hurry…time is running! Read more...