Odin´s Eye

Travel thousand years back in time

Chief Olaf Tvennumbruni on Borg in Lofoten has been robbed of a precious and mysterious item called “Odin’s Eye”. He suspects that it has been stolen by Tore Hund, who is located on Gimsøya, to ensure more power. You are Olafs most trustworthy soldiers/shield maidens, and you have been sent to Gimsøya to find and return Odin’s eye.

After a big guild that Tore Hund has been keeping for his own minions, most of them are sleeping. You use the opportunity to sneak in to the guildhall where a "talkative" guard has revealed that the item is. But you have to hurry. Tore Hund’s soldiers are on guard and will check in on the guildhall in only one hour. You must find “Odin’s Eye” and get away from Gimsøya before you get noticed and kept as a prisoner! God knows what you’ll be expecting then…

2 spillere/players

840 NOK
  • 420 pr. pers

3 spillere/players

1110 NOK
  • 370 pr. pers

4 spillere/players

1360 NOK
  • 340 pr. pers

5 spillere/players

1650 NOK
  • 330 pr. pers

6 spillere/players

1920 NOK
  • 320 pr. pers

7 + spillere/players

from 2170 NOK
  • 310 pr. pers

Odin´s Eye

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