Our Rooms

Get ready for an hour of intense fun
in one of our Escape Rooms

Whether you book “Odin’s Eye”, “The Heritage” or "The Game", we can assure you a fun, challenging and thrilling experience.

All of our rooms and their stories are designed and developed by Lofoten Escape & Adventures AS. This means that you, as a guest, are guaranteed a one-of-a-kind experience, whether you are a beginner in the Escape Room-universe or an experienced player.


Odin´s Eye

A precious item is stolen. You have received the deadly mission to return it to the chief. Prepare yourself for a battle! Read more...


The Heritage

Do you really deserve to inherit the fortune and take over the company? Prove it! Put intern contentions aside and work as a team. But hurry…time is running! Read more...


The Game

You are secret agents tasked with retrieving a priceless and mythical game from the secretive Gamemaker's workshop. Read more ...