The Rooms

Get ready for an hour of intense fun
in one of our Escape Rooms

Whether you book “Odin’s Eye” or “The Heritage” or "The Game, we can assure you a fun, challenging and thrilling experience.

All of our rooms and their stories are designed and developed by Lofoten Escape & Adventures AS. This means that you, as a guest, are guaranteed a one-of-a-kind experience, whether you are a beginner in the Escape Room-universe or an experienced player.


Odin´s Eye

A precious item is stolen. You have received the deadly mission to return it to the chief. Prepare yourself for a battle! Read more...


The Heritage

Do you really deserve to inherit the fortune and take over the company? Prove it! Put intern contentions aside and work as a team. But hurry…time is running! Read more...


The Game - premiere August 1st 2022

Lofoten Escape & Adventures loves to think up and build new puzzles. Finally we are ready with our third room - which we call "The Game". Read more about "The Game"